All eligible projects must be registered and approved using the SURGE Compliance Portal.

You will need to enter your Contractor Identification Number (CIN).  This number was shared with you upon completion of your Contractor Registration.  The number can be found by accessing your contractor registration and clicking your initials in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen.  Go to submissions > Click on your company name > Go to the Messages tab > Copy and paste your CIN.

In addition to the CIN, you will also be required to enter the project’s interconnectivity application number and other project-related information.

Subcontractor Notice:  Subcontractors are NOT required to register an eligible project. The prime contractor is responsible for registering the project.  Once the prime contractor has registered the project, you will obtain the unique project identification number (PIN) from the prime contractor.  Subcontractors will use the PIN provided by the prime contractor to upload certified payroll records.

Eligibility Requirements for Qualified Projects (under AB 2143)

Your project will be eligible under AB 2143 if it involves the construction of a customer-sited renewable electrical generation facility, or associated battery storage, and is NOT:

  • A residential facility with a maximum generating capacity of 15 kW or less, or to be installed on a single-family home.
  • A project that is already a public work under existing law.
  • A facility that serves only a modular home, modular home community, or multiunit housing with two or fewer stories.

Next Steps:
Once you have submitted your Project Registration, SURGE will determine whether your project meets all eligible criteria listed above.  Upon approval, you will receive a notification via the Submittable platform, which will include a project identification number (PIN).  The notification will include a link to submit all applicable payroll.  Please share this PIN and link with all project staff and subcontractors responsible for submitting payroll.

If you have questions about the registration process or the status of your registration, please contact the SURGE Support Team at or call (800) 549-2143.

If you experience any technical issues when trying to register, please contact Submittable's Technical Support Team.


We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.